Filters, filter systems & filter materials is your choice for a professional delivery of any kind of filter or replacement filters for fluids and the oil & gas industry.

Besides filter elements provides filter housings (vessels) for pleated cartridges, wounded cartridges for filter bags and pleated filter bags. The housings are produced in steel, stainless steel or synthetic material. also produces filter vessels for the oil & gas industry known as duplex filterhousing or as duplex filterunits which can be delivered as skid mounted units or as rental units. These vessels are produced in high standard 304, 316L, duplex, super duplex or smo254. Besides all the above mentioned activities also delivers automatic self cleaning filters and self cleaningfilters, hydrocyclones/ cyclone seperators and reverse osmose units. also has it’s own production facility where we produce temporary strainers, gasfilter elements/ coalsecers or wire mesh baskets, wire mesh cartridges and other special filter(s). is a supplier for small companies and industrial conglomerates. doesn’t have a difference in service, quality, pricing and customer contact. You can contact 24/7 for each fluid or gas filtration problem, solution or order, as long as can help you. is the connection in every business, big or small.