Food & beverage industry

The food & beverage industry uses many different types of filters, this because this industry uses large amounts of water. The water is used as an ingredient, cleaning product, boiled water, cooling fluid and as a transport material for big products. Because they use large amounts of water there’s also ... Lees meer

Oil & gas industry

In the process of finding oil or gas there are many different types of filtration necessary. A.filter can supply every necessary filter material or filter unit who takes care that the production process is proceding. For these specific industry a.filter supplies the a.filter wounded, pleated, spun bonded, active carbon or ... Lees meer

Industry supplies filters for every industry where a filter can be used. Some application examples are; Pulp industry Electronic industry Textile industry Aquaculture Automotive industry Mining Chemical industry Steelindustry   Filters for the the industries mentioned above are used as surface filters, depth filters, membrane filters, automatic self cleaning filters ... Lees meer