Industry supplies filters for every industry where a filter can be used. Some application examples are;

  • Pulp industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Textile industry
  • Aquaculture
  • Automotive industry
  • Mining
  • Chemical industry
  • Steelindustry


Filters for the the industries mentioned above are used as surface filters, depth filters, membrane filters, automatic self cleaning filters or adsorption filters.

For surface filtration a.filter supplies bag filters, baskets or mesh wire. Depth filtration takes place as pre- or final filtration. A.filter supplies wounded, pleated, spun, bonded or active carbon filters.

The above mentioned filters are so called disposable filters. A.filter also supplies automatic self cleaning filters or filter units which are available in many different types and specifications. They can be used as water intake filters or to clean process water. also supplies a.filter adsorption filters, they can adsorb unsolved contaminations from water or to reach the minimum necessary pollution level approved.