Self Cleaning Filter Yamit supplies a self cleaning filter from the brand Yamit which was in the past sold as a Twin O Matic by twin filter, but nowadays has it in their supply package. It’s based on a flow of 25m3/h … Read more

Filter element RVS316 d 75 x L 500 produces and supplies twenty pieces stainless steel filter elements with and inside diameter of d 75mm and a length of 500mm in perforation plate with a mesh of 3mm. These stainless steel 316 filter element is supplied to the … Read more

Skid Bag Filter Unit produces and supplies a portable skid bag filter unit for the Dutch Company, who produces candles. This portable skid bag filter unit is fully custom made. The standard bag filter housing type HTWB45 from StSt304 had 2 inch … Read more

Self cleaning AF904 supplies a 65m3/h self cleaning filter from the brand yamit . This self cleaning filter has a full stainless steel filter element with a micron rating of 100 micron and is produced from carbin steel with a epoxy coating … Read more

Vent & Breath Filter

Afilter/nl produces and supplies Vent & Breath Filters for Glycol Tanks for the Oil & Gas Industry. These vent and breath filter is supplied from high quality stainless steel 316 for outside use. Besides the vent and breath filters these … Read more