Nieuws | Bag Filter Skid Unit

1 May 2018

Bag Filter Skid Unit produces and supplies five bag filter skid units. These bag filter skid units are customer specific produced for Ice World International a world wide supplier of mobile skating tracks. Because of their problem with the quality of glycol the asked to find a solution to protect their units for dirt in the glycol. engineered these bag filter skids units in stainless steel 304 for a size two filter bag of 82 cm’s. The bag filter skid unit has a safe flat lid with only three eye nuts and eye bolt’s and thebag filter housings have 2 inch camlock connections. As you can see this again is a Clear Solution from

Skid-Zakkenfilterhuis-Bag-Filter-Unit-Afilter.nl_ Bag Filter Skid Unit

Skid Zakkenfilterhuis Bag Filter Skid Unit