Nieuws | Self Cleaning Filter 20-35 m3/h

1 May 2018

Self Cleaning Filter 20-35 m3/h supplies 3 pieces self cleaning filter 20-35 m3/h for automatic cleaning of swimming pool water. It is supplied to the well know Dutch company Terberg Totaal Installaties BV The reason this customer bought the 3 pieces self cleaning filter 20-35 m3/h is because of the possible low flow in combination with the low working pressure of only 2,1 bar.

The working priciple is very simple, the dirty water get stopped cause of the filter element, in this case 250 micron, while filtering out the dirt the pressure differential rises up to a given level. When that level is reached the differential pressure gauges gives a signal to a PLC. The PLC than sents a signal to a waste valve and a motor. The waste valve opens and under pressure takes care that there is a vacuum at the suction scanners, the vacuum cleaning starts. Meanwhile the motor takes care of rotating the suction scanners on the screen and an axle takes care that the suction scanners move axial over the filter element. This whole process only takes place in 30 seconds and will start again when the presssure differential is on the given level. This process can continue full continu 24 hours a day 7 days per week.

zelfreinigend-filter-20-35-m3h-self-cleaning-filter-20-35-m3h Self Cleaning Filter 20-35 m3/h

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