Nieuws | Self Cleaning Filter Yamit

1 May 2018 supplies a self cleaning filter from the brand Yamit which was in the past sold as a Twin O Matic by twin filter, but nowadays has it in their supply package. It’s based on a flow of 25m3/h with DN75-PN10 flanges included DP switches and a potential free contacts, included 24Vdc positioningswitches and 230V valves, included control panel and end switches, fully turn-key. The self cleaning filter has a 100 micron stainless steel 316 filterscreen and 2 dump valves, it works at a working pressure between 4,5 and 6,5 bar and a temp between 0-25 degrees Celsius. The total filtration area is 3.220 cm2. This self cleaning filter is supplied to HHNK by