Filter Producten & Services

U kunt bij ons terecht voor elk filtratie product. Vooral als service voor u belangrijk is, is Afilter de partner voor u. We specialiseren ons in filters, filtersystemen en filtermaterialen.
Bovendien heeft een zelfstandige productie faciliteit waar wij in eigen beheer gasfilters, luchtfilters en vloeistoffilters produceren en reparaties kunnen uitvoeren.

Zeefdek herbespanning

Screen Deck Revision

A lot of European companies uses with full satisfaction the tension and re-tension screen, screen deck and vibrating screen service. offers a high service and a superb price quality rates and optimal delivery terms to offer the needed quality which is needed for a satisfactional production. ...Lees meer
Strainer Vuilvanger


De strainer is used in pipe lines to catch particles and are available as y-strainer or t-strainer there wehre the dirt load is normally not that high and is not very fine. The strainer is mostly used as pre-filter or there where high end filtration is needed. The ...Lees meer

Restore, Revision & Specials

Do you need special filter, filter elements, filter baskets, cilindrical filter elements or pleated filters or filter cartridges which you cannot by at your local store.? Than it’s about time you call or e-mail!! is able to produce customer specific a large type of stainless steel filter like, ...Lees meer

Temporary Strainers Witch Hat supplies and produces a large variaty of witch hat filters or so called temporary strainers for pipework in between flanges are mounted. A by produced witch hat is available from DN20 up to DN800 produced stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, 904 supplied with or without material certificate. The ...Lees meer


Membraan filtration The membranes are available in two types of filtratieon microfiltration and ultrafiltration & nanofiltration and reversed osmose. As you want to use an membrane to catch bigger particles we call that microfiltration and ultrafiltration. These membrane charactherize themselves with a high possible flow with a low ...Lees meer

Filter bag

A filter bag is applicable when a high surface area is needed and when replacing should be done easily. Afilter.nkl provides their filter bag with welded and stitched fabrics. prefers to provide you with the welded filter bags where the chance of a by-pass through the stitch holes ...Lees meer

Filter Basket & Filter Element

The filter basket or filter element can be supplied in, Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, 904, superduplex or SMO254 an are available in a variety of mesh width. Because of the enormous avaible types of material like wire mesh, perforation plate and wedge wire material, can supply them ...Lees meer

Filter Housing provides filter housing/ vessels in carbon steel, stainless steel 304, 316, 316L and polypropylene. The polypropylene vessels are used in many different applications. The stainless steel housings can be provided as normal standard housing, but can also be produced by in any possible configuration as the customer wants ...Lees meer
Zelfreinigende filters Self Cleaning Filter

Self Cleaning Filter

An self cleaning filter is always produced and delivered on the customers specifications, they are so called customer made. The base parts are the same, but the screen (micron rating) and cleaning time is for each specification different. The self cleaning filters are used when maintenance is time-consuming ...Lees meer


A bended sievepanel with a sertain is placed in a diagonal position in a case. Both sievepanel and case are made out of stainless steel. The sievepannel consists of metal wire with a triangular profile. The soiled fluid flows through the inlet (backside at the top) into the inlet tank. ...Lees meer

Drum Filter

An drum filter is very usable when you need a clear solution when you have a high dirt rate and organic dirt, like fish farms, or slaughteries. The drum filter is as simple as effective . The dirt flows into the drum, produced as an screen with ...Lees meer

Vibaratory Machines supplies for decennia high quality vibratory machines for dry and wet production like cheese production, cacoa industry, pharmacie, seeds, grain, waste water, manure and other natural products. The vibratory machines are produced under high quality lever in The Netherlands and Malasia and are available in 24, 30, 40, ...Lees meer
Gewikkelde filterkaars

Filter Cartridge

De filter cartridge is available as wounded filter cartridge ,see, as melt blown filter cartridge and as pleated filter cartridge up to different membranes. Wounded Filter Cartridge The wounded filter cartridge is a depth filter cartridges, it’s structure takes care of a enormous dirt load capacity ...Lees meer

Filter element

A filter element is regulary customer made produced tot he wishes and specifications of the customer> Because of that a huge kind of variaties are possible. Because has it’s own pleating capacity we are able to make the filter element in different materials in a different combination like cellulose, ...Lees meer
Duplex filter unit

Duplex Filter Unit

The duplex filters/ filter unit(s) are minimal produced in SS304 so they are resistant against the worst weather influences. If the life span is too short, then we can provide them in SS316, SS316L duplex, super duplex or even SMO254. The skid mounted duplex filters are always produced ...Lees meer
cycloon en centrifugaal filter

Hydro Cyclone Filter cyclones or or so called hydro cyclone are filters who separate particles and fluid by using centrifugal forces. This is the most easy way of filtration seperation. The advantage of this kind of filters is the high amount of dirt they can handle especially with an automatic ...Lees meer