Filter Cartridge

De filter cartridge is available as wounded filter cartridge ,see, as melt blown filter cartridge and as pleated filter cartridge up to different membranes.

Wounded Filter Cartridge

The wounded filter cartridge is a depth filter cartridges, it’s structure takes care of a enormous dirt load capacity where the filtration degree over this is garantueed. This filter cartridge is wounded around a pp- or a stainless steel core. The stainless steel core is a special core which we call a spiral core and is used when the temperature is high. This so the the wounded material doesn’t fall down.

Melt Blown Filter Cartridge

The melt blown filter cartridge are produced as a nominal and absolute depth filter cartridge. This filter cartridge is a development of the old wounded filter cartridge. because of the consistent composition of the melt blown fiber material this cartridge has a high dirt load capacity and extreme low differential pressure which takes care of a high performance.

Pleated Filter Cartridge

The filter cartridge is used a a high end pre filter and end filter for process fluid and gases. This pleated filter cartridges can be used as nomina land abolsute filter and is used when high capacity is needed. The pleated filter cartridge can be supplied as membrane up to a filtratio degree of 0,03 micron.

The filter cartridge is available from 100µm up to a membrane of 0,03 µm. The filter cartridge is the solution when you need high end filtration against a valueable price. Membrane filter cartridges are supplied with a superb quality end caps so by-pass is reduced to a minimum