Restore, Revision & Specials

Do you need special filter, filter elements, filter baskets, cilindrical filter elements or pleated filters or filter cartridges which you cannot by at your local store.? Than it’s about time you call or e-mail!! is able to produce customer specific a large type of stainless steel filter like, screen, temporary strainer, point filters witch hat filter, conical filter, temporary filter, screen plate, screendeck, basket, pleated and sintered filter. Only by using as a supplier you know that you will receive your product and that the product is really produced according to the needed requirements. is specialized in pleated filter, pleated filter cartridge in all kind of media even in stainless steel and basket. These products demand special production machines, technic, knowledge and tools. has a great amount of filter media, stainless steel wire mesh and perforation plates on stock, but even more important has the knowledge, experience and perhaps even more important has it’s own pleating capacity. This means for an customer that is able to supply the filter wanted in a very short term and with a high and quality customer wanted level. delivery area is very wide such like service and maintenance companies for shipping, energy industry, food industry and support to engineering companies both local as international. Besides all this also repairs and revises and is overhaulin filters, strainer, conical filter, temporary strainer, screen, screen deck and basket where buying new ones isn’t an option. does also supplies you a Clear Solution for filter supply and maintenance of special filter elements, screens, screen decks, vibrating screens and baskets in every needed materail.