A bended sievepanel with a sertain is placed in a diagonal position in a case. Both sievepanel and case are made out of stainless steel. The sievepannel consists of metal wire with a triangular profile. The soiled fluid flows through the inlet (backside at the top) into the inlet tank. The fluid level rises till the medium uniformly flows over the rim at the top of the sievepanel. The filtered fluid flows through the sievepanel into a basin. From the basin the filtered fluid gets drained away through the outlet (backside at the bottom). Due to gravity the solid particles slide down the surface of the sievepanel into a drain bin. Here the solid particlescan leak out. If preferred the particles can be processed further from this point.




  • For both coarse and fine filtration
  • Easy installation and operating
  • Continuous flow of the filtration medium (cleaning of the sievepanel)
  • For nearly every industry and horticulture (stainless steel)
  • Minimal costs of maintenance
  • Filtration without the help of chemical filteraid of additional filtermaterials
  • Easy assembling ans dismantling of sievepanel (repair, cleaning and replacement)
  • Numerous options to combine different filtration installations
  • High temperature resistant
  • Further dewatering of the solid pieces